Thai Rolled Ice Cream Creations Make Dreamy Desserts

Thai Rolled Ice Cream Creations Make Dreamy Desserts

Thai ice cream is quite the unique street fare. Popular in Thailand (obviously), as well as street food in other part of southern Asia, it's not hard to see why.

The basic ice cream mix gets poured onto a frozen plate in a thin coating then rolled up and cut, creating the ice cream rolls.

There are 4 steps to making Thai Ice Cream rolls: First the base ice cream flavor. Second the step-it-up flavors of fruit, coffee, or cookies. Third is toppings (which can include fresh fruit, granola, cookies, candy, etc). The fourth step is adding a bit of drizzle!

The combinations are endless, and so is the fun! Check out the process and mixes below!

DIY Ice Cream Rolls At Home - With Oreo & Brownie

A YouTube channel called Ice Cream Rolls does a sweet tutorial on how to make Oreo-brownie Thai style ice cream rolls at home. The recipe makes for a fun party activity and delicious treats!

Banana & Mango Ice Cream Rolls

Another demonstration by Ice Cream Rolls, this time using banana and mango in the recipe for a cool and luscious tropical dessert.

Unique Dragon-Fruit Ice Cream Rolls

Unique Dragon-Fruit Ice Cream Rolls

Juicy Spot Cafe in New York makes the beautiful fuchsia colored Dragon Fruit ice cream roll and smoothie. Dragon fruits are available in Asian Markets around the country.

Green Tea Thai Ice Cream Roll

In Chiang Rai Mall in Thailand they make this beautiful matcha green tea ice cream roll. Gs Boom shares the how to.

Mr. Reese, Nutella Oreo & Old School Matcha

Mr. Reese, Nutella Oreo & Old School Matcha

Three beautifully dressed rolled ice cream desserts that were prepared by Aha Crepe located in Chicago. You can get inspiration from their names above!

DIY Ice Cream Rolls At Home - With Peanut Butter

YouTube's Ice Cream Rolls shares the How-to of making your own peanut butter flavored ice cream rolls at home. Then add your own favorite dressings for a pea-nutty treat!

How To Make Ice Cream With A Frying Pan Or DIY Cold Stone

Learn how to make your own cold stone style ice cream with a cast iron frying pan. You can follow the videos above to make the ice cream rolls, or just make scoops like you see here. The tutorial is by NightHawkInLight

Ice Pan - Ice Cream Creation in Under 4 Minutes!

Sultana S shares her video of her experience watching Mint Oreo ice cream rolls being made at Harrah's in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can see how quickly these can be made with the right tools.

Ice Cream Rolls - Top 10 Compilation

Here are 10 recipe ideas for ice cream rolls from YouTube's Ice Cream Rolls with the high claim that it is "The Most Satisfying Ice Cream In The World!"

Strawberry Ice Cream Roll

Strawberry Ice Cream Roll

This link by Fun Food Thailand has a beautifully delicious example of a strawberry ice cream roll while primarily pitching a commercial grade cold plate unit for making them to sell - just in case you want to start your own business! 

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