Happy Birthday March Babies! 10 Desserts Aquamarine Desserts To Help You Celebrate

Happy Birthday March Babies! 10 Desserts Aquamarine Desserts To Help You Celebrate
Elizabeth Labau

Birthstones don't get enough love nowadays. Especially when you have such a great gemstone as aquamarine -- every March baby should put it to good use!

Since the gem is a color and a stone, it's perfect as a theme for a party and a fun color for your desserts. Here's some perfect aquamarine looks for a lovely March birthday!

Decorated in Gems

The light aquamarine color of little jewels on the cake are classy and refined. A lovely look for a more formal occasion. 

Geode Cake

The geode cake is a new trend that looks absolutely stunning! It's surprising and beautiful all at the same time.

Gem Pops

Just because it's a birthday doesn't mean you're limited to just a cake. These sparkling gem-like lollipops would be great in a goodie bag for guests.

Gemstone Cupcakes

Making a whole geode cake on your own might be a little challenging. But cupcakes are a great way to perfect a new decorating technique. It's a bit smaller, more manageable, and if you mess up, you get to eat the mistakes!

Chocolate Cake Gems

These beautiful gems contain a fun aquamarine surprise. A great treat for kids and adults.

Candy Gem Pops

Another treat with a surprise inside, these candy coated gem can hide any of your favorite candies!

Drawn Gem Cookies

So far, a lot of these desserts we've picked out come in crazy shapes, involve molds, or are a little advanced. So for this one, we have just the thing if you want something simpler. These cute cookies you can just cut out, arrange a couple of lines and suddenly you have a beautiful gem.

Super Realistic Gem Cakes

No, this isn't a picture of a bunch of crystals, those are cakes! A bit like the Japanese raindrop cake, these gems are completely edible and pretty as can be!

Geode Slice Cookies

Another very realistic-looking dessert, this look is created just through the design of the frosting.

Hard Candy Jewels

Why not make your own aquamarine gemstone? These are so pretty, and wouldn't it be great to give out adult ring pops? We say, yes!

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