10 Beautifully Sweet Love Cakes

10 Beautifully Sweet Love Cakes
Sugar Britches Cakes

Love is in the air indeed! February brings to mind pink and red, hearts and chocolate, and of course cupid and his little arrow! Where will it strike?

Your "Love" shares were some of the sweetest we've seen, and we mean that quite literally! Time to sit back and think about the ones you love and the sweet we love the most, cake! Enjoy 10 of our favorite love cakes from you lovely people!

This button cake has us ooh-ing and aww-ing! The colorful buttons really stand out on this beautifully black cake. 

Photo courtesy of Ribiselchen.

A globally inspired love cake that is SO fun and SO funky. We adore the use of so many colors and patterns. 

Photo courtesy of PrimaCristina Theme Cakes.

These love-bugs were made for a 40th anniversary. What a fun ladybug theme perfect for your love!

Photo courtesy of Lynda Kinson.

Who knew a donut and a robot would make such a perfect pair! These characters are almost too adorable to eat. 

Photo courtesy of Sugar Britches Cakes.

The perfect love cake for the book lover in your life! What a creative take on love!

Photo courtesy of Estrele Cakes.

This sweet little bear has a special Valentine just for you! The bouquet of roses is such a nice touch as well. 

Photo courtesy of Cake Heaven By Marlene.

This gorgeous cream and rose colored cake is SO elegant! The flowered heart topper adds so much beauty too. 

Photo courtesy of Spotty Cake Tin.

Two adorable cherubs giving each other a sweet kiss, how much more Valentine's can you get?? What a delightfully sweet cake.

Photo courtesy of Aurelia's Cake.

A first birthday cake for a Valentine's day princess! The little bear in the corner is so nicely done and SO cute.

Photo courtesy of Sugar Mama Cakes.

A gorgeous red watercolor cake with a brilliant gold heart and arrow. So simple and so chic. 

Photo courtesy of Bee's Bespoke Bakes.

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