These Cupcake Bath Bombs Are Literal Heaven

These Cupcake Bath Bombs Are Literal Heaven
Frog Prince Paperie via This Grandma is Fun

You've had a long day, the weather's been bad, and you got stuck behind every slow driver on Earth on your way home. If only you could do something cheerful and relaxing, like, oh I don't know, bathe in a rainbow. But, obviously that's not possible, right?

Well, get ready to have all your dreams come true because there are new DIY bath bombs that turn every bath into a multicolored cloud.

Cupcake bath bombs are amazing and shockingly easy to make. They take your normal cleaning routine and make you feel like you're frolicking in a rainbow in a fairy tale forest. Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but there's certainly some magic in these bath time beauties.

Bath bombs have been around for awhile, but these cupcake ones add multicolored salts to the tub and also look good enough to eat.

Even though there are bath bombs you can buy, these are affordable and fun to make on your own. Some ingredients you already have on hand and the others are super easy to find online.

Just take baking soda, cream of tartar, and epsom salt and whisk them together in a bowl. Separately, mix an base oil of your choice and essential oil you like, plus a bit of water. For the base oil you can use almond, avocado, or even coconut oil. The essential oil will give the bath bomb it's scent, so something vanilla or a fruity would be perfect.

Mix the wet and dry ingredients. Then, separate into four parts and give each their own color. Food coloring gel or drops will work just fine and you get to pick whatever colors you'd like. You can even use glitter if you'd like a more glamorous bath.

Sprinkle layers of the colors into silicone baking cups and press down till the cup is full. Let dry overnight.

Then, voila! You've made your own bath bombs. For exact measurements, Hello Giggles has you covered.

These make amazing gifts that will leave your friends stunned at your crafty talents. Or, you could just keep them all for yourself and we won't judge.

Make your bath time special and get these soothing, colorful bath bombs into your life now!

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