Fabulous Tutorials On Decorating Cakes With Petals

Fabulous Tutorials On Decorating Cakes With Petals

We've seen tutorials on decorating cakes with flowers but there are some equally beautiful designs using just flower petals. Fresh petals straight from a rose make an elegant looking cake with a unique lite rose flavor, but candied flower petals add sparkle and color as well. Fondant petals in various shapes can dress a cake beautifully with rose petals and plumeria petals featured here. You can choose from several buttercream styles as shown with the rainbow petal cake and rose theme cakes. Whatever you choose you are sure to have fun creating your own special petal design.

Fresh Rose Petal Frosting

This beautiful cake has fresh rose petals blended into the frosting as well as pressed on the frosting shell.

Get the tutorial at  Gimme Some Oven

Pink Petal Tip Buttercream Cake

Lovely buttercream design using just the piping tip and thinking outside the box got us this result.

Get the tutorial at Fondant Flinger

Teal Ombre Petal Cake Tutorial

Teal fondant in gradient shades gave us this pretty cake for a birthday or a wedding.

Get the tutorial at The Cakeldy on Facebook

Cascading Flower Cake

Fondant petals were dried in a teaspoon and a tablespoon to give them their curved shapes

Get the tutorial at Beth in Cakes on Little Delights Cakes

Triple Lemon Naked Layer Cake with Pansies

A light dose of lemon in both the cake and the batter make this cake very special then top it with edible pansy petals.

Get the tutorial at Buttered Side Up blog

Rainbow Buttercream Petal Cake

Buttercream dots pulled into petal shapes make this pretty rainbow colored cake.

Get the tutorial at The Cake Blog

How To Make A Rose Petal Cake

Video tutorial on how to make a pretty buttercream rose petal cake.

Get the tutorial at Cakes StepByStep on You Tube

Chocolate Flower Petals Tutorial

Make individual petals or combine them to make whole flowers with this easy tutorial.

Get the tutorial at Cakecrumbs

Glittering Crystallized Flower Petals for Decoration

These sparkling real fresh flower petals make a special cake more beautiful and interesting.

Get the tutorial at Miso Bakes

Plumeria Petal Ruffles Cake Tutorial

Pretty fondant petals for a gorgeous plumeria look.

Get the tutorial at  Lovely Tutorials

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